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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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@rozy288 ,
Yes. They communicated with my GI doctor that they were booking appointments 6 months to a year out and as of now no longer accepting new patients. I followed that up with a call myself to a Mayo GI scheduling coordinator who told me the exact same thing. I plan on calling again and asking about a waiting list, because that's more than I have right now! That makes three times I have been turned down by Mayo. Very frustrating. I must be doing something wrong !

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@clutch wow !! Yes they have a waitlist or cancellation list . I too spoke to GI scheduling 3 x . I’ve been on it for 7-8 weeks . Where do you live ? Have you considered Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL like I just scheduled a televisit with ? Or better yet Cleveland clinic in Ohio? Are used to live an hour from there for 23 years, now I wish I still did so I could go there ( minus the cold weather)!! I’m in West Melbourne, FLA now .
I think it depends on your diagnosis and how severe it is if you get into mayo clinic in Jacksonville? Maybe you have to be critical or close to it ? I don’t know 🤷‍♀️. It sure is frustrating as you know . Keep calling them . Have your Gastro Dr. send over something stating you need to be seen ASAP . I’ve only seen this new Gastro Dr. here once ( I’ve had many prior ) and he said for me to go to Mayo and sent referral and records but I don’t think he said how severe my problems are ( thus the waitlist). Ugh 😑, right . Keep me posted .