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Y-90 liver cancer treatment

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Thanks for you lt reply.I’m mostly concerned about the fact they are addictive, IR doctor said not to worry with what little I take. Turns out won’t be a problem. The pain just left. Stopped as quickly as it started, it’s a blessing to live without the pain.

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Diane, wow, I'm so glad that the pain suddenly disappeared. That's great.

Should your pain return, I want to reduce your concern about addiction with opioids, which is shared by many.
See this article about Pain Management from Virtual Hospice.
– Pain https://www.virtualhospice.ca/en_US/Main+Site+Navigation/Home/Topics/Topics/Symptoms+_+Health+Concerns/Pain.aspx

In particular, I'd like to share this excerpt:
"Opioids are very safe when used under the supervision of an experienced health care professional and adjusted in proportion to the amount of pain. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misunderstandings about opioids, which continue to be a barrier to adequate pain control for people. These are some common misunderstandings:

"Won’t I become addicted?"
When opioids are used for pain control, addiction does not happen. The body does become more used to the medication, which will mean that the dose may need to be increased, however this is not addiction – it is called tolerance. Addiction is when there is an overwhelming preoccupation with obtaining more medication, without any medical need for it. This does not happen when opioids are used for pain control.

"I don’t want to start morphine too soon because it won’t work when I really need it."
This concern is without any scientific or medical basis. Opioids can be used with good effect for as long as they are needed, and the dose can be adjusted to whatever level is needed for pain relief. The best way to manage pain is to control it early.

"Those drugs will speed up my disease."
Opioids do not affect how an illness progresses, they simply help relieve suffering associated with the illness."

I hope this helps. May you continue to be pain free.

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