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What's your review of Cochlear Osia 2 System?

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Thank you for welcoming me to this community, Colleen. I appreciated the discussion between Lizzy, Tony, Joyces and others. Also got a second chance to look at the FDA benefits and risks. I am 73, have been using bilateral hearing aids (Oticon and Phonak), from about 2005 until now. Increasing chronic infection and discharge in both ears, and resistance to oral antibiotics, has led me to being no longer able to wear hearing aids. I am still using a hearing aid in my left ear, but I need to wipe out the external ear canal every 15-30 minutes to keep it from "flooding out." ;-{> Bone conduction implants are now the best way for me to have hearing assist, and Cochlear's Osia 2 was suggested by my doctor in Madison, WI.

But the information on the internet, including what you pointed me to, pre-dates some of the advances available in this newer Cochlear Osia system. My main question is - who can I talk with who has had this system implanted? Because there is no external abutment, and the external processor is held magnetically to the subcutaneous electronics, I wonder how having it affects sleep, showering, use of an Android phone rather than the directly associated I-phone, wearing head coverings, etc.

I have not seen posts on any blog or forum from 2020 or 2021, which are the first years Osia 2 is being used, and would love to hear from someone currently getting used to them.

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Peer support is so valuable.

I hope you can find someone who has had the Osia 2. I was implanted with the Cochlear Freedom in 2005, and have done very well bimodally with a hearing aid on one side and the CI on the other. I've been able to upgrade the processors and currently use the N6, hoping to hold off upgrading until the next generation is available. Cochlear has been wonderful. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I was 65 when I had the surgery.

You said that your doctor is in Madison WI. Do you live in Wisconsin? Are you aware of the HLAA Chapter in the Madison area? There are several people in that chapter who have cochlear implants. I don't know about the Osia 2 as that relatively new, but they may know people in the area with that device. Fox Valley (Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, etc.) also has a chapter that has many CI users.

I'm involved with the HLAA Chapter in Appleton WI. We have a cochlear implant group that meets via Zoom every other month. People from all over the state, and a few other places, attend those meetings. The help and support we get from one another is amazing. It's a forum to learn, to share, and to problem solve.

The cochlear implant I use has been life changing. I'm so glad I did it. The implant is internal. It does not bother me when sleeping. Of course I don't wear the processor then.

If you want to send me a personal message, I can put you in touch with some of the HLAA folks in Wisconsin if you are interested. Otherwise, I suggest you check out the HLAA website: http://www.hearingloss.org The HLAAWI website is at: http://www.hlaawi.org We'd love to meet you!

Julie Olson

I just had the Osia 2 anchorage system implanted in my right ear on July 13 2021. The short surgery was not painful as I was under anesthesia, and it was just a little uncomfortable for a couple of days. My scalp is still numb on my right side although I am getting more feeling week by week. I received my processor on August 16th, and the change was immediate. Before surgery I was completely deaf on my right side due to sudden hearing loss 2 years ago (with severe vertigo). I tried the Cros, but my ear canal was too tiny to hold it, and it sounded like a tin can, Now I can hear everything through the bone conduction. Although I do have a regular hearing aid for my good ear, I do not use it unless I am going out in public. I no longer need it to watch TV or in one on one conversation because the Osia picks up the slack. I used to view TV with the closed captions because I would miss most of what was said. I can now tell where sound is coming from including when I am driving. I was becoming somewhat reclusive because I simply could not hear anything in a group, and I was also concerned that I could not tell what direction an emergency siren was coming from when I was driving. The Osia has been life changing for me. I do get a mild, occasional feedback, but we are still in the process of adjustment for the processor. I am wearing it for a month and making note of any issues, although I will say there are very few. We can make adjustments when I go back for followup. It has literally opened up my world.
If your ENT considers you a good candidate, you should definitely consider the Osia 2.
In answer to your question about sleeping, you do not sleep with the Osia attached. It is attached to a magnet in your scalp, and you simply remove it to sleep, shower, swim, etc. There is a waterproof cover you can purchase if you wish to use the processor while swimming. For the first three weeks after surgery, I did not sleep on the implant side,, but now I do. I hope this helps. If you have other questions, just post here.
Oh, and one other thing, the audiologist will have an Osia attached to a headband that you can try our to see if it will work for you. Even though the headband made a big difference, it is even better with the magnet on the bone.

Mam. I am 43 year old female.
I just got my Osia implant surgery 6 weeks ago and TODAY my Audiologist turned my Osia implant ON, and I could NOT believe it, I am COMPLETELY DEAF in my right ear but I actually CAN HEAR out of my right ear now and it is absolutely AMAZINGLY mam’ , I LOVE IT!
The Lord has truly blessed me!!!!!!
It was ALL worth it!!!!!
I can’t believe everything I was missing before , it literally sounded like there was a “STOPPER” plugged up in my right ear!!! I am sooo TRULY GREATFUL!!!!
I sure PRAY 🙏🏼 that you decide on getting yourself one as well.
God bless you. 🙏🏼

Hello fellow Wisconsinite!
I’m 66 yoa with somewhat similar issues. While visiting my Doc in Marshfield about loss of hearing in left ear and infections when wearing hearing aid. He suggested to see if I qualified for the Osia system with Medicare paying for most of it depending on supplemental. From there I went to an audiologist for testing. During the testing they hooked me up with a simulator to show me what the system could do for me. It was amazing! They claim over 99% success rate. Well I did qualify and had implant surgery last Wednesday and will have second part on May 7th to see how it works. Surgery went well and after a week of recovery I feel good, only two days of heavy pain pills and now down to Tylenol a couple times a day. Does feel weird having this bulge behind my ear soon to be covered with some grey hair😎 So with that all said I would highly recommend getting tested- nothing lost nothing gained. I actually teared up when they put simulator on as it was amazing. They even had background noise going and I could hear person talking. Best of luck with your journey into hearing again!