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Dry Needling or acupuncture

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I made an appointment for drying needling for my hip (the doctor says I need hip replacement but am not eager) and so I thought I'd try dry needling for pain in that area. Does anyone have experience with dry needling, and if so, did you experience relief?

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@cindiwass you will notice that I have moved your post into an existing discussion on dry needling so you can review the previous posts as a reference of what member experiences have been previously shared.

Members such as @helennicola @pfbacon and @sherrylynn have also previously shared or also inquired about dry needling and may be able to share their experience.

When is your appointment?

I had 3-4 sessions for my hip about 6 yrs. ago which did not help plus it was very painful for me. I then had a cortisone shot which helped for 2 yrs. after which I had a total hip replacement. The surgery was a piece of cake, and I was walking unaided 2-3 wks. later. Helen

I had dry needling for lower back pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle cramping in my legs and feet in 2016. The procedure was painful, but worth it as the pain decreased by two numbers [1-10 scale], the muscle cramps stopped completely, and the numbness/tingling also decreased. This year the pain increased again by at least two numbers, numbness and tingling came back with a vengeance. Am in physical therapy again using dry needling hoping it will again help. Have a MRI scheduled tomorrow, so will see if any explanation why. My experience is dry needling works, but is painful to undergo. For me, the pain lasts about 24 hours after needling, then reduces to a lower level than prior to the needling. I have particular problems with my hip because one leg is shorter than the other.

Hello @cindiwass I've had dry needling for back and shoulder pain and it helped me a lot. The first time was after many, many regular pt sessions and the needling was not painful. The next time a couple of years later I went straight for the dry needling without the many sessions of standard PT manipulation. It was very painful (but fast) and the discomfort (not as painful as the actual treatment) lasted for a couple of weeks but ultimately it did help me a lot.
As with anything, I think it depends upon the problem with your hip as well as the experience and knowledge of the practitioner.