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HI, here are a few things I have tried for fatigue and conversations with providers.

- My oncology radiologist suggested Ginseng. I take it and I think it helps. Worth asking your care team about. If decided to take, make sure it is high quality. Here is Mayo study on: https://www.mayo.edu/research/forefront/ginseng-fights-fatigue-cancer-patients
- I have worked with Mayo's Cancer Symptom team on fatigue, there is no simple solution but the team gave me suggestions. Here is link to their website: https://cancersymptoms.mayoclinic.org/

Getting questions answered at provider's appointment:
I sometimes have had challenges accomplishing my goals during appts. It can be so frustration walking away from appointments with more questions than answers. Providers vary how willing they are to listen to a patients concerns. I have taken in a sheet a paper with following topics and handed it to provider. They may or not be receptive to it. They may have their own agenda, but at least they will know what your concern are and why. This is from Dr. Victor Montori work on "The Patient Revolution".

Topics to discuss at an appointment, I try to limit to 2-3 lines per question, focus in on what is most important to you.

- I want to talk about...
- It is important to me because...
- It may help you to know...
- I hope this conversation leads to...
- I worry this conversation will lead to...

Good luck
Laurie M

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Laurie M, those are EXcellent suggestions! MANY thanks ❤️.

Laurie M, is the ‘Cancer Symptom Team’ the same as Palliative Oncology?