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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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I too have tried to get in the GI Dept. at Mayo / Jacksonville, but denied at least twice now. Did they offer you a waiting list or did you have to ask? I'm just so frustrated at trying to get an appt. and being told no longer accepting new patients. I sure hope you get your call and can be seen. Any advice?

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They got my GI Dr’s referral w/ my old and newest records 7 weeks ago at Mayo Clinic. They called me 3 weeks later to let me know I’d be put on waitlist for a Gastro Dr. there ( I want televisit first since I’m 3 hrs away). I called them 2 weeks later and I’m still on lost ( in case they get a cancellation she said ). Then this week I called GI scheduling again , I practically pleaded with the nice lady . She said she understands and will put a note to Patient Coordinator Dept. That was Mon , she said she would call me back . Today is Fri Jun 11 th 2021 . I’m not sure if I’ll get in or off the waitlist? @clutch they did offer me only waitlist . Someone said on here , just keep calling them every week and sometimes you get lucky ?? They told you they were not taking new GI patients now ? When was this ?? I sure hope it’s not true !! I know they go by severity of diagnosis. I think 7 years of a ruined life is enough to get you in. Keep trying . Keep me posted and visa versa . God Speed . Rosemary 🙏