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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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Suffered many of your symptoms for years without help from experts. Finally went to a very knowledgeable naturopathic doctor who taught me where to begin with diet. I had been eating ‘healthy’ low fat meals of fresh fruits and raw or undercooked vegetables, and my stomach was in pain after every meal. She suggested a broad spectrum, live probiotic and a change in diet. Start with well-cooked root vegetables only. Eat small meals throughout the day. If meat, only dark meat, beginning with duck or lamb, then turkey, chicken. Red meat and white meat are much harder to digest. Fish, especially salmon, are more easily digested. No fresh veggies or fruit…only cooked fully. Add foods consciously, so you know how your body reacts. Nuts in moderation. Little to no sugar or caffeine. She suggested withholding dairy for a week or so to see if I felt better. Then try withholding gluten.
Change of diet helped me immediately. No drugs, just common sense. Her explanation was that aging digestive systems, especially women’s, cannot handle raw diets and that going back to the diets of our ancestors was the way to think about it. It has worked for me for 10 years. I am now 67. Eating smarter made all the difference. I eat consciously now and ‘cheat’ regularly, because I still love a good salad and fresh fruit. My stomach can tolerate cheating now, but Ialways feel better eating cooked veggies and dark meats. There are certain fruits I just can’t stomach. Melon and guava or papaya, blueberries in small quantities or other less acidic fruits are easier for me to digest. Good luck to you. Wish you all the best!

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I don’t eat uncooked veggies , once in a while some celery ( not much ). I stay away from salads although I like them very much . I usually eat mango or a good apple if it’s fruit or cherrys if in season . I do like blueberries and strawberries 🍓 but don’t eat many of those . I’m low low dairy ( no milk of any kind for 7 years), even tried lactose free. I do not have Celiac they said , not do I have SIBO ( was tested a few times ), I have tried a Gluten free diet but no change . I just tried Keto but not for full 28 days , no change. I take a good prebiotic ( and have tried probiotics) along with everything else holistic they make for the gut and intestines. We eat lean meat and a lot of chicken breast and sometimes Salmon or other fish . I’ve done many elimination diets over the years . The amount of gas that my own body produces in one day/ and at night is what most people produce in a month !! It’s non stop 🛑 churning , and the deep constant belching is horrendous.
7 years of this . 5 Gastro Dr’s diff RX ‘s , sessions of hypnotherapy ( that didn’t work). Visaral Massage , Myan Massage , you name it . I’ve tried it . My diagnosis is always same , Gastritis, Esphogitis , Clas B GERD , small hiatal hernia , some IBS . It breaks my sleep as I belch over 3000 x a day and night . Comes out both ways too , mostly belching .
No caffeine since I was a teen ( I’ve had PVC flair ups all my life ), no sweets , I eat small and healthy. Just like my stomach cannot tolerate anything .
Still waiting on Mayo Clinic to call me back ( Jacksonville). I’m still on waitlist. Had last colonoscopy and endoscopy last June and many , many tests prior at Duke in NC . I live on Ultra Pepto. I’m now on antidepressant and have anxiety meds because of all this .
I’m 59 .. this has changed me and not for the better . Thanks for sharing your story and input . I appreciate it so much , Rosemary 😌

Thank you for your post......very helpful. Which probiotic did your Naturopath suggest?