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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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@ rozy288
My husband keeps wanting me to go out on the boat with him. I don't think I could handle the jostling of the boat. I told him to get his brother or sister to go.. but he says it just isn't the same without you. I am still very limited on things I can do. .. I have other body problems. I had a SI joint fusion about 6 weeks ago. So far I think it worked. It changed my walk a bit so I am dealing with sore muscles and still some pain in surgery area. My ribs are giving me problems from the open surgery in 2015, but my pain specialist says he has found a way to help me with that pain, but have to get past this SI joint fusion first. I have missed out on a lot of things.. especially since 2012. I missed Thanksgiving dinners because the thought of food was overwhelming. Not a lot of bending.. don't lift over 10 pounds. Guess how much my last granddaughter weighed at birth.. I picked her up anyway. With my husband scolding me. Sometimes the pain is worth it. 😄 I have wanted to play with my grands and missed on doing a lot with them. We have 4 grands.

Covid has really messed everyone's working systems up. The Mayo Clinic is no exception. My doctors in home town .. they try not to have their waiting rooms full. They are beginning to relax with it some. Even though I have been vaccinated I will wear a mask in public.

Back to you. Have you kept a journal? Write in it what happens after you eat.. how long it lasted.. how much you ate. Does anything make it worse.. anything make it better… how lousy you feel. Yes, how you feel mentally.. write it down. All of it plays an important part in what is going on with your body. Have a written outline of your journal and of what you want to discuss with the doctors when you do talk with them. Take notes. Have someone with you if possible. An extra set of ears are definitely a good idea. My husband is the note taker. They may want to know what medications you are taking.. so have that handy. Sometimes they ask about your family health history… mostly parents, siblings, and grandparents.

I pray all goes well and you can get back to a happy life.


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@fourof5zs I just read your post and think that you have offered a lot of good suggestions. The keeping of a journal to record foods, symptoms is great. Taking a list of questions for the doctor is also a good idea.