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Does medical marijuana work for chronic pain?

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Hey there @luann262 …… glad I could help. CBD alone is not my choice either. None of my tinctures have any hemp. The studies I have read claim a need for THC to jump-start things. I use a 1:3 CBD/THC. This is for my worst days and most difficult pain. It works and also forces me to take a nap. Maybe that is a good thing.

The 2:1 CBD/THC is my usual nighttime mix. It is calming and I go right to sleep. The THC amount just works well with the CBD. I usually sleep all night. Sometimes I have a toss and turn period at about 4 a.m. Depending on what my day holds I may decide to add a little and sleep a little more. As we use these medications, you will find that it takes a little more as our usage time lengthens, especially with the 2:1. The standard cannabis rule is: "You can never have less, you can always have more." I have made my way to a whole dropper at night and even more if I need it.

In the morning or at least when I get up, shower, and get dressed, I have a morning 1:1 CBD/THC dosage at about 3/4 of the dropper. This is my "get going girl" dose and is perfect for me right now. Once again, I use 3/4 of a dropper right now.

So….you are your own prescriber and administrator. I have been on this flexible tincture program for several years and a medical cannabis user for about 7 years.

May you be safe, protected, and free from inner and outer harm.

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Hello, Chris and Luann. this is great detailed information that I appreciate. I've found this last year as I've tested different combinations for my combination of needs, I'm using much the same. I'm using 1:1 nightly, full dropper and often about 1/2 dropper in mid-morning. I do add a tiny bit of the THC spray, a tiny spray when I need it during the day or if I have added pain not controlled otherwise by voltaren. I'm now trying the extra stray of THC instead of voltaren or patches to see if it works and switch to use less voltaren. We'll see what happens.

But, Chris, you have been and are a true guide for me on this walk. I appreciate the help and the confidence you've given me to move ahead and try different mixtures/amounts for relief. I don't and won't smoke. Asthma, chronic bronchitis and other things demand I pay attention. In fact, don't think at this time I could even take a puff into my lungs!!! Tincture works well for me, is easier to control amounts and dosages.

Be well, my friend and free of pain. Blessings, elizabeth

Dear Chris – I'm responding to this old post of yours, particularly your observation that "we use these medications, you will find that it takes a little more as our usage time lengthens.". Can you tell us more about what the curve of increased look like for you?

I'm trying to make good decisions about this therapy, because an experimenting for the last few weeks, I have found that pure CBG tincture (50mg dose, Lazarus Naturals) works well for controlling nerve pain and anxiety, but my body seems to react badly (with worsening symptoms) when I try to reduce the dose, even after only a few weeks.

I'm a bit worried about dependence, especially if I should expect to increase dosage steadily over time. If I took the same amount every day and got relief, I would be happy to take it forever, but I'm worried if I will have to keep steadily upping the dose to get relief, as I'm still in my early '50s.

Can you share, in the last 2 years since your post, how much has your dose had to increase, relative to the first 7 years that you described? Or any other concrete details about the rate of increase you've had to use to keep a steady effect? Many thanks!