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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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Thank you so much . I’m getting depressed because no Gastro Dr. can help me . I’m praying 🙏 that I get into Mayo Clinic Jacksonville sooner than later . I’ll def ask about what you mentioned . I’ve had so many tests over the years , I eat so healthy but I suffer anyway with any food ( it’s terrible on empty stomach too) . No allergies to food showed up in tests . I’m not losing weight at all through all these years . I should be 25 lbs lighter because I eat healthy and avoid all triggers . It’s relentless. Thanks again .

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Am I understanding correctly that you do not have an appointment at Mayo Clinic?

If not… Do keep calling, but it may be helpful to get a referral from one of your doctors. They will understand more fully that you need help that you have not been able to receive from other doctors.

When you say deep wet belches. I am a little lost. I have had all types of belches that sometimes acid came up… sometimes food, sometimes mucus.. and sometimes it is like water. Now it is the latter two mostly. I am not sure it matters what the wet is. I have had deep belches and it felt like something closed and trapped more air. Walking and massaging seems all that helped to ease the pain from them.

I have had 5 (the last 3 at the Mayo Clinic) upper abdominal surgeries and the last one was open. After the last surgery I was told that I would belch a lot the rest of my life and not to take gas-x nor things like Pepto Bismol .. they would not help. The doctor was correct.. they do not help me. Sometimes a liquid antacid will help the irritation in my throat. .. but the air continues.

I had a giant paraesophageal.. sliding hiatal hernia that seem to have caused most of my problems. If yours is small it does not sound like the problem.

I asked one of my doctors at the Mayo Clinic about the weight gain even though I…as my husband describes it.. ate like a bird. I also did a lot of walking and bicycle riding at the time. The doctor said “sometimes it just happens that way.. we do not know why”. He also said the gastric system is very complex and they are still learning about how it works… and that is why they do not always have an answer. It is not learned yet.

The doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville have all been great that I have seen. I have seen many. A surgeon has a “team” (I am not sure how many there were, but at least 8 in my case.. I thing some may have been tagalongs that wanted to learn). I started off with a surgeon. Then a gastroenterologist was called in for consult. He had his NP and others with him. All of them together were my Patient Care Team. They work together for me to receive the best care at the Mayo Clinic.

I pray if you do not have an appointment that soon you will and know you will have excellent care and they will try to seek out what is causing your problems.