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Chronic Digestive Disorders

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Hi , Thanks .. I’ve had two colonoscopies in 8 years most recently last June w/ another endoscopy. They took a sample at the time which didn’t turn out to be anything. I’m diagnosed with all the things I listed above . Doesn’t change the fact no one can help me . I have extreme chronic violent loud churning along with over 3000-4000 deep wet belches day and night . As I said I’ve tried it all . If they do another endoscopy or colonoscopy, I’ll make sure they look under microscope 🔬 though . What is your treatment for that may I ask ? I’m desperately seeking help . I hope I get to Mayo Clinic Jacksonville soon . Thanks for responding . Rosemary

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I seem to do pretty well when I take Colestipol and avoid ANY alcohol. I seem to find that I can eat most things without a problem now. (I find I can tolerate Heineken 0.0, which actually has only 0.5% alcohol, and tastes pretty good on a hot summer day.) I've had genetic testing that tells me I'm fine with dairy, so cheese is okay. Since I had cancer, I try to eat mostly organic foods. I'm so sorry you're having to suffer so much. I had a colonoscopy at the beginning of the 8 years, and it didn't show up. I'm pretty sure that the doctor did not check a sample under a microscope. All those years later, I couldn't eat even rice crackers without losing weight and was wasting away. Even though it's a chronic condition, I was thrilled to actually have a diagnosis. Before, I often felt like the ocean was surging inside my gut, and it was loud and painful. I wish you well in Jacksonville, and do ask about microscopic colitis. They're supposed to be the best!