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I had stage four small cell cancer--I had alot of pain after bowel surgery and I couldn't breath, they put me on all kind of breathing medication the abdominal pain was horrific the pain management people were use less they blamed everything on cancer, I started Keytruda and went to my primary she said stop taking the Amoxicillin and two days later my breathing went from 50% to 100% the pain in my abdomen was all gone, the the Cancer Dr. that was treating me said it was the Keytruda--I had only been on it for two weeks????--and I don't believe her--I had a PET/CT after four infusion and the cancer is all gone except for a small nodule in my lung Please keep a close watch on your blood work, don't let the toxins build up.

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mdoll: I am sure he has toxins built up! He started with Keytruda. Was on that from 3/2019 - 11/2019. Then had some radiation for spine bone lesions. Then was put on chemo (Alimta + Carboplatin + Keytruda) from 12/2019 until 5/2020 because the cancer got a bit worse while on only Keytruda. His regime including the Carboplatin was cut short due to toxicity. He received 2 chemo doses with it instead of 4. He then continued with Alimta + Keytruda. Was given a chemo 'vacation' in April/May of 2020, but had some more radiation for other spine bone lesions (pain) in July during the 'vacation'. In ?August? he went back on Alimta + Keytruda. He has had a couple very brief breaks from chemo (at the times he felt he needed a break). However, the Alimta/Keytruda continues... No one has ever indicated there are problems with his blood work. His RBC is not terrible right now - all things considered. -That's not to say his red count hasn't been worse - cuz, yes, he has been transfused - twice. What did you notice on your labs?