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My husband has stage 4 NSCLC. He has been short of breath ever since he started treatment-. The SOB has gotten worse as time goes by. Recently we were told by Pulminology the SOB was due to treatment (because with it comes lung damage) and it’s due to loculated fluid (from a pleurex catheter that did not seal 100%). The SOB can also come from the meds.. Many have SOB side effects. The SOB also comes with fatigue. We, too, have an upcoming appt. with palliative. I will watch the posts to see if you are able to share info.. I will share any knowledge I can as well...

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I had stage four small cell cancer--I had alot of pain after bowel surgery and I couldn't breath, they put me on all kind of breathing medication the abdominal pain was horrific the pain management people were use less they blamed everything on cancer, I started Keytruda and went to my primary she said stop taking the Amoxicillin and two days later my breathing went from 50% to 100% the pain in my abdomen was all gone, the the Cancer Dr. that was treating me said it was the Keytruda--I had only been on it for two weeks????--and I don't believe her--I had a PET/CT after four infusion and the cancer is all gone except for a small nodule in my lung Please keep a close watch on your blood work, don't let the toxins build up.

Thank you I will let you know and we can share our experiences.