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Collagenous colitis - Collagenous gastritis

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Hi guys! My name is Julia, i’m 21 years old, and I was diagnosed with collagenous gastritis when i was 15. I was seen by Dr. Stephens at Mayo Clinic in 2016 and was on some medications. Since then, I have kind of been side lined from any medical help. I have been able to manage the pains from it since then, but recently my heartburn has been awful. Everyday after I eat anything I feel like my chest could explode. I was wondering if anyone who also has something similar (i know there’s only a small number of us with CG) has found anything that helps?

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I am suffering 7 years with chronic digestive disorders , that take me out every day and night . I have Chronic Gastritis, Esophagitis, Class B GERD , small Hiatal hernia , diverticulosis. The worse thing is , I deep wet beach what tastes like sewer water 2000-3000 x a day/ night . My gut can’t handle any kind of food . It just constantly churns and is so loud , non stop . I live on Ultra Pepto . I’ve tried everything under the sun , RX wise , holistic wise , diet and elimination wise . Had so many tests done ✅. Even did acupuncture and 3 sessions of hypnotherapy. 6 Gastro Drs , in 2 states . I’m not celiac and no h pylori . I Eat small and healthy when I can eat . No fast food , no caffeine , low sugar ( just fruit) low dairy . Tried Keto and Gluten free . I’m on waitlist for Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville 6 weeks now . I’m a medical mystery and it’s now getting to me emotionally. I can’t lead a normal life . So much I want to do and I’m always sick . No Dr. has helped yet . I pray daily for relief of symptoms. Even for a day or two of relief. I’m desperately seeking and tried everything they make for gut health on Amazon. Today I will start on antidepressant . I’m sick if I eat or don’t eat and have empty stomach. We rarely go out to lunch and never to dinner . Just cook at Home . My poor body is getting weary of this . 7 years taken away and counting .
If you find out any information, I’ll follow this thread . God Bless you .. I’ll pray for you and you pray for me ok . Rosemary

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