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My audiologist says that a REM is not needed. I think that Costco doesn’t provide that as well. Is it necessary? I have assumed that Costco did not perform certain tests that an audiologist and thus part of the price for a $6000 hearing aid includes professional level fitting.

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People with mild/moderate hearing loss have very different needs than those of us with severe/profound loss. Far too many hearing aids end up in dresser drawers rather than on ears.

How long does it take for a person, newly fit with hearing aids, to learn to use them properly and to hear well with them? Why do most audiology practices only allow a 30 day trial period? How can Costco allow 180 days?

Regardless of the length of a trial period, it means nothing if the person doesn't get out and try those hearing instruments in a variety of settings. Work, social, family gatherings, performing arts, hobbies, etc. That has been especially difficult during COVID, but even in typical times people don't have time to do all that should be done in one month.

I sure don't know the answers, but am hearing more and more from people who are very happy with less costly hearing aids.

A very interesting research article published by Stanford University pointed out that for many people hearing aids were the third most costly investment they will ever make; after house and automobile. Yikes!! Affording hearing aids isn't a given for far too many people.

@kem, REM is an audiology best practice. If your audiologist does not think it's necessary, maybe you should consider going to a different audiologist. REM is a separate piece of hardware that the audi needs to purchase. It also takes time but ensures the output of the hearing aid is what it's supposed to be.
Tony in Michigan

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