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Ismorgan, I am almost 3 months out. I have quite a bit of soft tissue swelling. It really gets bad when I push too hard. At my 6 week check, my surgeon suggested Voltaran and that really helped. He said to give it a whirl again. He said it would take a year for the swelling to go away. I still ice and elevate. I also do most of my exercises and yoga/stretching faithfully (once for sure and maybe even twice a day). I purchased a percussion massager and go along my IT band, quads and glutes. This seems to help push out some of the swelling. I love raising my leg straight up and resting against a wall, again stretch and lushes out the swelling. I hope you find relief. Swelling is difficult.

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Thank you for your post @nipahl. it sounds like you have accepted the challenge of what I call, "just deal with it". You have adopted a program that you follow religiously on your way to that one-year goal of making the swelling go away. The "legs up the wall" addition is very helpful. I certainly appreciate you sharing the Voltaren. I used that years ago and am glad it has been made OTC purchasable. You can get stronger content with an Rx. I used to get it in patches that I placed on my knee. Is that still available?

It is good to know about the massager and that it can help release the swelling.
Let us know what else might be helpful. Do you see a physical therapy specialist?

May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.