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I watched that event and felt it was the best 5 hours I've spent in trying to make it better for our future. The goal was to inform the FDA about hearing loss. Even though the title of the event was "Patient Focused Drug Development", the FDA uses the same procedure when approving Devices (Hearing Aids (both bone conduction and air conduction), as well as cochlear implants and any other products that will be developed). On April 8, there was an introduction on the FDA approval process that you may find interesting. You can view that archive here:

I was a panelist during the morning session of the May 25 event. The topic focused on what it's like to live with hearing loss (Symptoms and Daily Impact). The afternoon session dealt with Current and Future Treatments (what would we like to see). The panelists were used as discussion starters, to get the audience to share their input while we shared a little bit about ourselves. These were the additional comments which I entered into the comment section which Julie mentioned. Here it is again: https://www.hearingloss.org/hlaa-pfdd/
1) Communicating during covid has prevented me from scheduling a long overdue colonoscopy. Receptionists wear a mask plus there is a window between us.
2) Caption quality is poor, especially with recorded movies. No reason to not be perfect. I avoid people, I do not want to avoid the TV.
3) No compatibility between the accessories from HA manufacturers.
4) Repair of an aid or accessory that requires a return to manufacturer results in at least 5 days without hearing.
5) Hearing on phone is difficult with accents. Plus, there are those automated messages that do not wait long enough for a response due to delayed captions. I've been disconnected many times.
6) I avoid fitness classes since we need to hear instructions but the risk of sweat damage to my aids makes me avoid these interactions.
Perhaps you can relate or have similar issues. I, too, encourage you to submit input. The more information, the better. After the 30 day input period, HLAA will provide a "Voice of the Patient" report to the FDA. That report will be available on the HLAA website.
Tony in Michigan

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Thank you Tonyinmi. It's good to have you back!

I had the issue of having my hearing aids get repairs. I know it's not something everyone can do, but I always keep my old aids for this purpose. Though they aren't the most recent tech that my new ones are, it at least helped me get through that week of not having my new ones. But there does need to be something, maybe some sort of loaner aids to help with hearing when the aids getting fixed. I don't know if I could survive much without some sort of listening device, which is why I always keep my old pair so I at least have some hearing.

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