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I had a similar finding on. my scalp...after a number of conflicting opinions on the biopsy they determined it was a stage 1a melanoma however it seemed to be slow growing with no ulceration...moffit did not plan to do a sentinel lymph node test, but due to the fact i previously had another mole(biopsy was benign) in that area they wanted to do a fairly large excision with sufficient margins...what I learned however was that moffit surgeons will typically do a wide excision that requires a skin graft to close....leaving an indentation...I did some extensive additional research, consulting with some other doctors with recognized expertise in melanoma who felt they could do a wide excision with appropriate margins that could be closed with stitches...their consensus was that the moffit approach(they are a surgical center) was very conservative, and in my case possibly not necessary.....the key apparently is to be able to get the acceptable margins to be sure tissue is clear of any remaining cancer cells. its was a tough decision because for sure moffit has a very high reputation in this field..but my doctor was confident they could achieve the necessary margins without the need to graft my scalp. has been three years with no additional issues...I go to the dermatologist ever three months for a full body check up...good luck and I hope it works out for you

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I was told that a skin graft would only be done if necessary and that the 1st choice is to not do one. So at this point I feel like I have to trust my surgeon.