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Kneeling with artificial knee

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@lorrainecb: I have a suggestion of how to get up off the floor after a fall with TKR knees (just tried it to make sure it’s nice and easy): get yourself in a position where you are laying on your back. Slightly bend your knees, turn your body onto the side, raise and twist your upper body to put your hands in what I’d call the “push-up” position. Now you’re set to brace, rotate, and engage your feet (not knees, they never touch the floor) to lever yourself into a downward facing dog position, then walk your hands back toward your feet, and straighten up. Voila, you’re standing. Wish I had the technical skills to do a video, but with a little practice the whole act takes 10 seconds max. I’m about to be 72 in a few weeks, so age is no reason not to try this.

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@lorrainecb What @ellerbracke does sounds pretty much the same as what I do. I turn over onto my stomach, stretch out and walk my legs up as far as I can, then I can push myself up with my hands/arms.

I am also at the same age, 73. Unless you have very little strength in your arms this will probably work for you.
I hate that I really cannot kneel without falling forward unless I can brace myself by holding onto something. I do not recall my doctor saying no kneeling but I need to send a message to his NP who is great, and I will check that with her.