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Thanks for your thoughts but not helpful.

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How about just, "thanks for your thoughts". Asking for help in your desperation, and then being judgmental of the thoughts/advice of those trying to help is not very gracious. And the comment was accurate, that is a very heavy duty drug, and you've been taking a lot, not sure what doctor thought that giving you this much off label for sleep was a good idea, likely a psychiatrist - it's what they do, they push pills. You've got to taper slowly, to break your dependence, and it will be a bitch, possibly the hardest thing you've ever done. You think you sleep like shit now? Wait until you taper that which you and your doctor have IRRESPONSIBLY got you dependent on. Find a taper schedule and get busy, don't expect your doctor to be of any help here; they're really good at prescribing but they don't know shit about deprescribing. There is no way around it, only through the withdrawal. No other drug will help you with this. In fact, being dependent on this heavy hitter, you shouldn't be looking to take other unproven drugs to help you discontinue or to help you sleep. They ALL result in dependence, tolerance and a withdrawal that ranges from mild to severe, and can only be attenuated by slowing the taper. They all have the ability to change sleep architecture and to make it harder to achieve SWS. I know you're in distress, and I'm sorry for that, I know the feeling, try to be nice to those who are just trying to help. I'd look at what you're taking for your bipolar and the possibility to make adjustments there.