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COVID & Meningitis Vaccinations

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In my personal opinion and from my experience with my transplant team...they felt it was more important to receive the covid vaccinations before progressing with my vaccination protocol. It’s front and center in the world right now and we all need to get vaccinated. That’s why it was my suggestion. ☺️ It was also on my directions to space the other vaccines 30 days from the covid vax.

And, if your daughter has the opportunity to choose, (from experience and comments from friends and family members who have had their covid vax) it seems as though Pfizer has the least unpleasant side effects. I’m not promoting one over the other. I’m just relying on reports from several younger women in my orbit having the J&J that the side effects were pretty rough the first few days. My 36 year old daughter as well, had the J&J and was pretty miserable.

And really, your daughter won’t be spending all summer getting the shots. ☺️ It’s only 3 times. I’m betting she’ll fill in the rest of the time with all her preparations for college. And you’ll be busy right along with her trying to be all stoic and supportive. Is the campus far from home?? Will she be close enough for visits...from parents or to go home for a weekend?
And, there are always care packages you can send to feel closer. 💕

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Thank you for your thorough response. It makes sense to give COVID vaccines first since it is most relevant currently; however, we will need to give meningitis shots first as it is required for her college health records and registration. I was worried that the order could potentially be harmful in the long run, but I am very relieved to hear that that is not the case.

We are looking at getting Pfizer actually. As you mentioned, J&J (and also moderna) were much more rough and led to worse symptoms in general.

I’m so glad my daughter chose to stay in state. She will be a long drive from home but it is certainly better than having to fly across the country. I’m trying to make the most of it and spend as much time as possible with her this summer. Care packages are a fantastic idea!

Thank you ❤️