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Living Dangerously - Nebulizer Cleaning

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I have been using the Innospire Go for a couple of years. I recharge it about once a month. I find it so much easier to use especially when I travel. I do t know anyone else that uses it??

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Hello, Yes I had one of those, but I am an impatient sort, and found it slower than my "turtle" (my name for my old faithful green Pari Vios) which only takes 8-12 minutes to dispense 4ml of neb solution. So I trade a little noise for more speedy therapy.
I do take it on trips where space and weight are at a premium.

I use the Innospire Go and I love it. Drawbacks for me is that it is spendy and with the 7% saline, it wears out quicker than they say it should. @sueinmn , I find it just as fast as my Pari Vios Pro with the Sprint nebulizer. Though I'm sure the Innospire Go wastes med if you don't turn it off while "coughing, sputtering, clearing gunk". Probably why I neb at least 8 ml of saline! But I enjoy the silence sooooo much!! If I weren't getting the gunk up, I would switch in a heartbeat. I do rotate between that and the Pari Pro, and I do like the new mouthpiece on the Sprint with the expiration valve.

Hi, I use the Innospire Go and I like it. Thing is, I am not sure how to clean it properly (I have MAC). Brochure says no microwave and mentions an obscure disinfecting solution but I wonder if I can use Vinegar or alcohol?

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