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I am no expert, but some of my colleagues prescribe trazadone for sleep. Have you tried that? I'm an OT, so my suggestions would be simple things like sleep inducing meditations, but I'm thinking that's not what you're looking for...

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Thanks. Trazadone did nothing.

Hi folks! I’m on a C-Pap machine and it no longer helps me sleep but you need to keep it for five years before it becomes yours.
(Medicare requirement) otherwise you get charged around $600.00 out of pocket purchase.
I have a roommate who takes trazadone for falling and staying asleep. Works great for him.
My machine is only used to stop me from snoring like a chainsaw. ( my roommate appreciates it). But the hose wrapping around my neck is uncontrollable but I still use it because it’s Bluetooth enabled and my doctor can see how I’m doing from his computer.
So to keep me sleeping at bedtime I was given a 300mg dose of seroquel at bedtime.
It works but from what I’m reading here seroquel is not for sleep? I also take 100mg of Wellbutrin. I geta half mg of klonopin in the morning and a 1mg at 4:00 pm

During a 20 day inpatient stay at our local hospital I received no klonopin. Stopped me cold turkey! Gave me adavan X2 daily 1 mg each.. That didn’t work and I was suffering from very strong withdrawal symptoms from lack of klonopin. I’m back on it now that I’m home but I cannot get off the klonopin. I’m addicted to it. Same with Seroquel . I can’t get off that either.” Either one is a must have or I go insane. I become someone I don’t like. So my psychiatrist keeps me on both and I’m constantly falling asleep watching TV or sitting on my recliner.

I don’t socialize with anyone else now. These 2 meds are killing me slowly. I constantly have “brain fog “ and nauseated and barely eat half a breakfast.
Plus I’m disgusted because when I left the hospital I weigh 186 lbs down from 212 lbs when admitted.
My weight today was 195 lbs I’m heading back to 212 I believe . Does seroquel increase weight? I’m at a loss on what to do. By the way. I also have diabetes type 2