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Thank you for quick and well-thought response! I am certainly reaching out to many resources! Also, my husband has met with a few respected friends and our pastor, so that is positive. He also has a therapist that he is meeting regularly and whom he respects.

Luckily most of his anger is directed at his mother, so I have been able to remain a trusted person in his life. He has never shown any physically violent behavior, and I have my parents in town who are aware of the situation and on-call if I ever needed a safe haven.

He was given medication in the hospital, and the mania has largely subsided. The anger remains. We have also been fortunate to get in with an excellent psychiatrist who is doing a good job of building trust with him.

Maybe we are progressing better than I thought. Just not as fast as I want!! A lesson in patience...

Also, I have contacted NAMI for resources and signed up for a couple virtual support groups.

Thanks again. I will keep posting some updates intermittently!

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@emilyann132 So glad to know that you have supports in place for both you and your husband. I appreciate all that you have done in this very difficult situation. You have accomplished a lot so far!

From my experience with bipolar, I understand that the frontal portion of the brain seems unable to keep a person from filtering what they say. This might be part of your husband's problem with angry outbursts.

Keep reading and learning about bipolar. Also, take care of yourself. I hope you have a good support system for yourself. Consider going out and having lunch with friends, working in the garden, and doing whatever gives you pleasure.

I look forward to hearing from you again!