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John, Volunteer Mentor (@johnbishop)

What's outside of your picture window today?

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Two of my favorite photos from last year at this time.

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John, I love these photos. Both show the glorious beauty of our bird friends AND the wonderful nature of their personalities….both woody and cardinal sharing and the precious way cardinals, more than any other birds I've seen so far, share with each other. I'm always mistified when I see the cardinal family ties.
I had 3 mourning doves on my patio day before yesterday. Unusual, as I always have at least 1 pair, but always in pairs. Another mate for life situation….but a 3rd arrived and the larger eyed him for some time, didn't seem to like the guy being there and started a squabble. The smaller bird refused to leave. One stayed all alone, probably the 'innocent female!', then the intruder began eating at the same feeder as the female. John, do you think I witnessed a break-up? Did she fly off and leave her mate, which they did, with a new boyfriend? I could write a story about this…..mimicking humans!
I do love these birds, bring me great joy!
Bless you and your bird friends, elizabeth

Beautiful, John!! I have such a soft spot for cardinals and that red headed woodpecker is stunning. I’ve never seen that variety in Wisconsin. 😍