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What's outside of your picture window today?

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@ess77 Hi Elizabeth. (I am moving us over to the “What’s outside your Picture window today)
All of your feeders are sure attracting a menagerie of feathered friends! I wonder what the slender reddish/rust bird is. I have several great bird books but not with me this week. Will be fun to find out. 😊

I’m so sorry you’re having all these ongoing health issues. The mold is troublesome! I hope that’s not causing some of your lung issue but it makes sense if you have asthmas. Hopefully that gets under control soon. You’re moving in the right direction getting an attorney to check this out.
Your rights all hinge on what the covenants are with the building and building management. Typically infrastructure like electric and plumbing are the responsibility of the building at large which would put it with the management. (HOA) Find the original sales agreement and your documentation to find who is responsible for what.

You have so much on your plate right now and look at you go!! Nothing stops you! You had a zoom meeting today so I hope you got some good answers from your doctor. We want you healthy again! And your son too!

Stay strong…you’re a marvel for sure! ☺️ Lori

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You are so encouraging and full of good thoughts my way. I appreciate hearing from you every time you write!

Yes, the cast iron crack has apparently been leaking for some time, over a year, based on the inside of the walls and ceilings. I am extremely allergic to mold -severe asthmatic reaction as well as head/nausea/eyes/throat/general malaise. I don't have to move out until all is repaired, at least don't think so. Because I have the bi-pap and use it every night all night, I can do fairly well on medications…..steroids which do a lot of harm to my body as well as the miracles, 24 hour sudafed, singulair, nasal rinse, flonase spray, ventolin inhaler, and now added symbicort., eye drops. that's a lot of stuff for mold! But, I'm better. Headache is low…..still there, but not intruding so.

Today I will re-check our condo documents to see the plumbing coverage & speak today with the owner of the plumbing co, for this -$3000 and to get proposal for changing master to walk-in-about $4000. I've spent over $1000 on this leak already. I think the board is correct tho, as I recall from my board member/president days.

Also, my PCP is on top of the lungs now. I'm amazed at the work Sue and others w/MAC and other very serious chronic lung problems must put into each day to breath. Coodo's to them! I'm praying my lungs get no worse – asthma, chronic bronchitis, sarcoid lung, pneumonias are plenty.

We are going forward with lawyers re my son's sudden withdrawal from Klonopin by his previous doctor. She must not have ability to cause such harm, some irreparable and on-going, to another patient. He will win. He may get some monetary agreement, which is appropriate as he's been harmed and is totally disabled. But, main reason…..do no harm to others! She caused him to live in hell for months, and almost die. I noticed we have a new group re Klonopin withdrawal. I stayed away from it, too close to his hell at this point but think I must contribute from his experience.

Squirrels: I think they know me, we have a personal relationship, like I have for years with my cardinal families and now with the doves and blue-jay. So funny, they seem to look around inside the windows, and see me watching them. These birds don't fly away like the others when I come around. The squirrels little brains really are working to figure out how to get the seed and peanuts and food. They look from one feeder, to another. Get on a higher limb to ck them out. Sit and look like they're working on a solution to get that food.

Well, I got them a squirrel cake w/seeds and corn. Huge thing. Put it in a small hanging basket last night, hung in on the llimb near the fence, thinking I was making them soooooo happy. It's on the ground this morning and they're back ckg out the feeders. How can I feed the squirrels? Need to stick the corn/seed cake on something to hold it still? Picky, determined little devils.

I don't have the best bird books anymore.. What do you suggest?????? I plan to ck on Audobon site and others, but need help….

Could that dark red/rusty w/dark gray feathers, black beak, black legs be a ??? too large for finch, altho Now there are 2 of the new reddish birds…I have a couple of golden or yellow finch now. HMMMMMM….I'm so thankful for this gift of birds and nature outside my window. It gives me immense pleasure on all days, but on the gray days inside it's especially healing. Peaceful. Fun.
Thank you for listening, caring, for setting up this site….John? I will get some pictures out! Today!

Over now to help my son order from Walmart and Publix. He needs groceries and it's late in his botox, so pain is up. Glad I've learned so much on this laptop to be able to help him! He was my computer whiz!

Blessings to each of you. Lori, be well and stay at peace. I also think I'll run out for a lottery ticket, based on what's happening to my reno budget!