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I am glad that you are getting such good care at Mayo. I know that you feel confident about it and that is so important. I can certainly understand how you would feel worried about making this decision. I hope that after you get the results from the CT cardiac angiogram you will feel more confident.

I have aortic insufficiency, however, my problem will require open-heart surgery rather than the TAVR procedure. I feel frightened about that prospect as well. So far, I'm keeping my original parts until they cause me more problems. I have a mild case of heart failure but not congestive heart failure at this time. I do have a lack of stamina and just can't accomplish what I would like.

What are your main symptoms of aortic stenosis?

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My main symptom is fatigue. I run out of steam much earlier in the day than I used to, and I am a little short of breath after climbing a flight of stairs. I thought that was just a sign of getting old. Nothing dramatic. I was shocked to learn I have severe stenosis.

I have prior experience with Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. I have total confidence in them. When the local cardiologist started talking about surgery, I knew that my best choice would be Mayo.

I will ask the surgeon about delaying surgery until my symptoms worsen, or if it is better to take care of it now.

Best of luck to you, Teresa. These decisions are not easy. We just have to get all the information we can, weigh the odds, and make an informed decision. Putting all our faith and confidence in the hands of other people is difficult!