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Living Dangerously - Nebulizer Cleaning

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My wife just got her AFFLOVEST this past Friday. Based on the instructions and the training we were given, it is an easy process. I know it it time consuming, but everything comes with a cost and in this case time, 30 minutes x 2 each day. If it get results then the benefit is to your favor. I am trying to get my wife to do both at the same time, nebulize and vest…I understand the benefit will be worth it…

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THE respiratory therapist told me that nebulizing and using the vest at the same time is perfectly fine. It wasn't until I got the vest that I was able to clear my lungs at all. It does get tiring to do this as a daily routine but am so thankful that this works and if it keeps me healthier then I am all for it. Good luck and keep on thumping!!!

Doing the vest, 7% and Aerobika all at the same time was recommended by my Dr at NJ and it has made a huge difference for me.

Thanks for the response. Hope the treatment goes well for your wife. The therapist/company rep. comes this afternoon to get me fitted and demonstrate everything. I'm currently on inhaled Tobramycin for 28 days (Just finished 14 days of levofloxacim for nasty Pseudomonas bug. It is a recurring situation so we're hoping adding the vest to the neb 7% Sod. Chloride will get things under control. Blessings to you both.

Definitely do nebulizer and vest together. Take slow deep breaths. This is the best way for results. My doctor didn't tell me, so I wasn't getting good results. Both work together.

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