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Hormone related hair loss for women

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Thankyou so much for your reply and for providing the link and your support. I feel so isolated and distressed as this has been such a shock for me and yes panic. I never knew this could happen and of those friends I have, they have not experienced this situation. I don't look forward to washing my hair in the shower. What was a relaxing experience is now a time I don't look forward to.
I did see my doctor this week and she was not helpful. She said she had never heard of this before and my effect of losing my hair after stopping my BC was the worst she has ever heard of. Needless to say, I know she will not be helpful in this matter.
I have just started with a supplement called Nutrafol.
I have also started CollagenPlus drops by Lorna Vanderhaeghhe. I just purchased Ducray Creastim and received Anaphase shampoo samples. I am trying these products. All of this is based on my own research and I am hoping these products help. I have also ordered a couple of other shampoos and conditioners from companies to see what works best. I do appreciate you replying. It just seems there is little support out there or knowledge about this topic.

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@karathine99 Hi Katharine. You’re so welcome for the information. I’m really surprised your doctor hasn’t heard of losing hair when stopping BC…pills or IUDs. It’s fairly common and the same hormonal trigger as childbirth. It’s not that you get huge bald spots. Hair just gets more sparse and it’s devastating to our morale and psyche. But it does return.

I’m well into my 60s so I’ve had a lot of friends in the same situation over the years. We’ve all been on the pill, had babies, and now gone through menopause. Believe me, hormone interruption is a wild ride for our entire body and often the most noticeable in our hair. To top it all off I ended up with an aggressive form of leukemia and completely lost my hair 3 times during treatment and a bone marrow transplant…and I loved my hair!

Well, I didn’t lose it, I shaved my head to avoid having to face the inevitable. What surprised me most is how all the years of worrying about being bald was worse than actually not having hair! I took control and rocked the look. However, it’s now made a radiant return. I look like Christopher Walken but I have hair. LOL

My heart goes out to you though. It is really a gut tightening experience any time you shower and see the loss…and it leaves an underlying stress. During my times of thinning I would gently wear my hair up so that it looked fuller. Long and loose let the wind blow it and I could see scalp. At least harnessed with clips or ties it stayed in place. Cute little baseball caps or hats, bandanas are kind of fun.
Oh another product I’ve used is Good Hair Day, it’s a fill-in powder I used on my part so that it wasn’t so obvious. Lots of tricks until it grows in again.

I’m sure there are other members who have gone through this or experienced hair loss for other reasons. Will you let us know how some of these products are working for you? It would be great information to share. Happy Growing…but don’t let your hair define who you are. It’s just an icing on the cake. ☺️. Lori

Have you tried a couple of drops of Rosemary oil in your shampoo? So simple and it worked for me.

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