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Chronic pain and spinal fusion

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@suzfuse46 Thank you for your kind words about the portrait. You can also find pictures of it with Dr. Fogelson and me on the first page of the Art for Healing discussion when he saw it the first time at my one year followup. I am glad you found a lot of spine information from the video link. There are lots of medical videos in the Seattle Science Foundation's You tube page that are very informative. There are other spine conferences too, but they may charge for access to watch the videos. I learned a lot about spine surgery and how surgeons evaluate problems by watching those videos. It's always a good idea to search for video presentations by surgeons you are considering seeing for a problem. Surgeons who are well respected are teaching at those conferences and also teaching their surgical techniques at cadaver labs at the conferences and explaining how they select patients for those procedures. That may sound shocking to some people, but that is how surgeons learn.

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It's not so shocking since I have often thought about donating my body after I expire since I certainly won't have need of it. If I can get through all these surgeries while I'm alive, I'm sure it would be a piece of cake to go through them at that time. At least someone would really finally find answers as to what has been going on in my body.