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Chronic pain and spinal fusion

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Thank you again!!! I have been trying to find information on the VATS procedure but the internet medical sites haven't been a good resource. My neighbor's son-in-law works for Medtronic as a tech who assists neurosurgeons locally using their spine devices but he hasn't been able to find doctors who do this specific surgery here in west Michigan. I will be thankful for any additional information you can send my way. My main concern is that on a recent MRI, it shows a "right central T10-T11 disc extrusion, migration compressing traversing right T11 nerve root lateral recess. Small left central T10-T11 disc extrusion. Mild to moderate T10-T11 central stenosis with subtotal CSF effacement, no cord deformity or signal abnormality. Moderate right foraminal stenosis." It would be very helpful to ask Dr. Fogelson about surgeons at Mayo doing surgery to access this type of herniation. (Your painting of him is so very well done!) Sue K.

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@suzfuse46 Thank you Sue. I also have a video of me painting the portrait which you might enjoy. You can access it on this page of the Art for Healing discussion. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/art-for-healing/?pg=29

I was 11 months post op at the time and getting it done in time for my one year follow up. This was my first post op painting and I had set the bar pretty high for myself. When you are ready, I'll certainly copy Dr. Fogelson on everything you have written and see what he says. I certainly understand your concerns and it is good that you are advocating for yourself and looking for the best possible solution instead of settling for what your surgeon proposed. I'm glad I didn't have surgery with a surgeon who would not listen and offer choices to me. My physical therapist has recommended several patients to Dr. Fogelson because of my experience and he has helped them all.