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Dyspepsia after multiple digestive surgeries?

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@bborth – I understand your misery- have been through similar myself.
It’s unfortunate that many of us continue with GB problems after it’s removed.
I had 2 ERCPs – to widen the bile duct opening. I also had pancreatitis, chronic. The two ducts open together in the intestine.
As long as I stay away from certain fats I’m ok.
Constipation is also a chronic condition if you have motility problems.
The large intestine expands a lot and can hold a lot of stool. Therefore, you have to find a good way to empty out as much as possible. The colon will eventually return to normal size. The GI doctor’s office should be able to help you plan a successful program to empty out.
Constipation is one of the most common complaints GI hear.
The pain you have bending over is something I also have had. It was diagnosed as MALS- Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome. A ligament compresses the celiac artery, preventing it to supply blood to intestines = severe pain, especially after eating.
However, this is a very rare condition.
It can be found when they do an ultrasound Doppler of abdominal arteries.
You can ask your doctor to test for MALS. Many doctors are not familiar with it.

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Really interesting to hear this. I never thought this could cause so much distress….at its worst it literally makes me non functional. I am taking Trulance which is like Linzess to get things moving along. This seems to help some, just really hits fast so need to be close to a toilet. My question is what causes this to all happen when I had gone months w/o problems. I obviously eat healthy, but when this kicks in it literally is getting all my calories via smoothies. Then the pain the back and up the shoulder. Bending over, or twisting……kicks things over the edge. At least for now some relief with this medication, but anything else you can recomend would be huge. Diet ideas? MALS…..the only way to dx is through the ultrasound then? Thank you!!!!