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Diabetes, Crohn’s and PSC

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My adult daughter just had her blood glucose reading rise drastically out of the blue and has been diagnosed with diabetes. She has been in a Crohn’s flare for 3+ years. Recently she did not feel right…she felt off and her eyesight was weird. I took her to the ER and her glucose reading was 800+. She is on several medications for the Crohn’s and they have suggested that this sudden rise may have been caused by her medicines even though she has been on them all for a long time. She spent a couple of days in the hospital and is now doing insulin injections in the morning and evening and a pill during the day. She is monitoring her readings very closely. Her eyesight has returned to normal. In fact it seems to have improved. It has been suggested that this could be an anonomly and that with an adjustment in her meds that she will not need the insulin and everything will get back to normal. Has anyone had a similar occurrence? There is concern that her kidneys have been affected (lab results). Also, her liver enzymes were the highest they have ever been. Her WBC was higher after she left the hospital than when she was in. It has been running high, but seems to be higher than it has ever been. Has anyone had something like this happen to them? Any input would be appreciated.

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Several years ago, I was hospitalized with sepsis due to a fungal infection in one of my kidneys. At that time, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and stage 3 kidney disease, and I also had visual problems (blurry vision, light sensitivity). Once the kidney infection was finally cleared up (initially misdiagnosed as a bacterial infection), my vision gradually got better. The diabetes meds I was given gave my pancreas a chance to heal, and without the infection, my kidneys also rebounded to normal function. I no longer take any meds for any reason and do not follow any special diet, which is better than I can say for most of the people I know in their late 60's.

I hope your daughter is on the road to recovery and that any chronic conditions are now under control.

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