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Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) | Last Active: May 13 9:15am | Replies (7)

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John, I realized I forgot to answer your questions at the end of your last comments. I am not taking anything or doing anything to deal with the pain. I don't think my pain is bad as many that I've heard about. I've never had a problem getting out of bed oh, but the pain is very high in the early morning. After an hour moving around or just drinking coffee and reading the pain is a lot better. By late morning I can move around a lot enough that I can walk about a mile, which is somewhat painful but not that bad. The problem is when I go to bed because it gets worse from the moment I get in bed until late morning the next day. The pain is there all day but not extremely bad . So, my plan is to just stick it out, hoping that it doesn't get worse, and pursue the Terry Wahls Protocol diet. In answer to your second question about a rheumatologist, I never saw one. But two doctors agreed that it was PMR. The second doctor thought it would be a waste to see a rheumatologist to help in the diagnosis . The second doctor also pointed out something that I had already learned through my research; that diagnosing PMR is almost really ruling out many other diseases. I had already done that after seeing the 1st doctor, looking through symptoms for probably 50 + diseases. I've also learned that the ultimate test for PMR by a doctor is if you react to prednisone positively. In fact, what I've heard is that this is how many doctors reach their diagnosis ; how you react to their prescribed medicine . That seems like a strange way to seek a final diagnosis and it really bothers me. After all, prednisone treats the symptoms and controls the inflammation. It does not go after the cause. Functional medicine, which Terry Wahls is promoting, I once heard this quote from a doctor of functional medicine: traditional doctors stop thinking once they've reached the diagnosis; functional medicine doctors start thinking after they reached a diagnosis. I'm hoping this will work out, because I don't want to take any medication especially prednisone. But I'm also concerned that never say never. And who was it that said: if you want to hear God laugh, make plans

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My problem with PMR when it was active is that without prednisone there was no relief. It was painful to move, sit, get up, sit down, walk and sometimes even to think 🙂 I got no relief after a few hours of being awake and it continued until I was able to fall asleep. So prednisone was my miracle relief as much as I hated taking it. So when I was able to start tapering off, I did as quickly as possible even though it's different for each of us. I lived with a small measure of pain all the way through the day I was able to stop taking it without severe pain. Now I just have the old man walk and some minor aches and pain from degenerative arthritis which I can live with. I also try to get in 2 or more 30 minute sessions of exercise of some sort daily since it helps with the mobility and flexibility.

I'm with you on never say never! 😁

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