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Chronic pain and spinal fusion

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Hello @suzfuse46 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You have certainly been through a lot and can understandably see why are you are hesitant without exploring all your options.

I am going to bring in @jenniferhunter who may be able to lend her experiences your way.

Can you share what state you are in so that members can provide recommendations based on geography?

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I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan

@suzfuse46 Thanks, Amanda for bringing me into this conversation. Sue, you have an extensive history of spine surgeries and with your neurosurgeon not acknowledging your condition, I think you are right in seeking another opinion. I did some searching of medical literature on Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) for spine surgery, and then in looking up the authors, I found medical centers that use this method for video assisted surgeries. I found a paper authored by Mayo surgeons for VATS scoliosis pediatric surgery and the Mayo website does indicate VATS can be done for spine surgeries. I found VATS spine literature authored by surgeons at UC Davis, and Cedars-Siani in California.
I had also responded to your personal message. I can inquire with the Mayo surgeon who did my cervical surgery to ask about surgeons there who might be using this VATS for adult thoracic spine surgeries.

You need a high level spine deformity expert who takes complex cases. I found a new video with a presentation by Dr. Patrick Johnson from Cedars- Siani in Los Angeles that discusses video assisted thoracic spine surgeries and it shows surgery photos and videos, so be prepared to see those if you watch this video.