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@maryjo2sell Maryjo interesting that you STILL go shingles even though you got the shot! WOW . . I thought I was safe having gotten the vaccine .. hmmm! Hope you are not too bad with it .. my daughter in law had it (no vaccine) and was just miserable. Keep us posted with how it goes for you.

I did a bunch of more research on oral thrush .. am seeing someone next week on another issue .. am going to try to “slip in” this issue if I am able to! If I get any info .. I will for sure to share it on oral thrush! Hugs! Katherine

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Would eating yogurt help your thrush?

@windwalker, Terri thank you for the thought! I do eat yogurt .. love my protein shake that I started doing when I was doing my antibiotic treatment .. it was suggested as a way to get more nutrition .. I have continued it. Truthfully I think one of my issues is not being regular about using my Magic Mouthwash since it must be kept in the refrigerator. But I am seeing a Dermatologist on Monday regarding an entirely different issue .. I am hoping to “slip” this issue in also! Hugs! Katherine

Hope they get you straight!

Dear All, GUESS WHAT! I was able to “slip” in the issue of my painful tongue with my nice Mayo Clinic Dermatologist .. and guess what?! After ALL my oral thrush remedies .. ALL the bottles of Mayo Magic Mouth Wash .. ALL my efforts .. all to naught! I do NOT have Oral Thrush as diagnosed by ONE Doctor! Now haven’t we ALL been misdiagnosed?????

My ORIGINAL diagnosis by my dentist was “Geographic Tongue”. BUT I was later told .. NO! “Geographic Tongue”. is NOT painful so you MUST have Oral Thrush .. which I have now been treating with at LEAST 4 different prescription medications!

My nice Mayo Clinic Dermatologist .. this is WHY we go to ‘mecca” .. Mayo Clinic! She said “Yes, USUALLY “Geographic Tongue”. in NOT painful .. but in approximately 1-2% of the time it IS painful! Thanks a lot that I fall into that lousy 1-2% .. she said it frequently follows a 3-4 year pattern and can reoccur .. that they don’t have a clue why/how/who gets it. Oh well .. at least now I know.

I am still going to follow my routine established for inhaler hygiene .. don’t want to get oral thrush also! Just thought I’d let you know! Katherine

Hi Katherine, so glad you don’t have thrush. So, geographic tongue
does not get treated?

Hi @windwalker, No essentially she said all you can do is deal with the pain .. she recommended Lidocaine .. but that requires a prescription. What I have been using works just fine: Kanka Soft Brush Tooth/Mouth Pain Gel from Amazon:
I won’t say it is perfect .. but for me I don’t notice the pain but mostly at night .. if the pain gets too much I tend to kind of bite my tongue .. dumb I know but it gets my mind off it. But if I use the Kanka before I go to bed .. I can get to sleep .. if the pain wakes me up .. I just get up and use the Kanka again. It comes and goes .. I find acidic foods make it worse. I LOVE pineapple but had to give it up .. just have to watch what makes it worse. Small thing compared what other people are going through! I’ll ‘take my troubles”! Hugs! Katherine

Hi Katherine. Mary jo here. Weird but I just had graphic tongue about six months ago. That is how i got the Magic Mouthwash. Iin a couple of months it went away. I had a constant sore throat with mine and a really ugly tongue. I too thought it was thrush, but my regular doctor diagnosed the graphic tongue. He offered no explanation. Very interesting that we both had it. Maybe something to do with ABX.? Hope yours goes away quickly!

@maryjo2sell Hi Mary jo, for me I used the Mayo Magic Mouth Wash for over a year with zero results .. so was kind of relieved to find out it was NOT oral thrush for which the prescription was meant for. I have never had a sore throat .. but have fairly deep crevices around the edges when most painful. I plan to do a bi more research on Geographic Tongue .. seems to me I react to certain foods .. need to become more aware etc now that I have a diagnosis. Plus I have come to accept it could be a 3-4 year long thing .. and could reoccur .. that the doctors just don’t know cause/treatment etc. Put my energy into what I can control .. and let go of what I can’t control as the saying goes! I think you were bless to have it go away in a couple months!

Remind me again .. what is ABX? I have forgotten! Hugs! Katherine

Hi Katherine. ABX is just a shortened way of writing antibiotics. Have a wonderful day. Mary jo

Mary jo, you’re just getting too smart for me! Thanks for the clarification! Hugs to you! Katherine