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constipation after prep

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Hi @ltk and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. On Connect we’re not medical professionals and can’t diagnose health problems. However, we can share our own personal experiences and valuable insights to answer questions and offer encouragement.

Oh I feel your pain… Having gone through lots of medical procedures and meds in the past 2 years, let’s say the ‘works got out of rhythm’ a few times. Always been as regular as a clockwork, so not having any movement at all was frustrating!
Having to depend on laxatives is literally not the way to go! LOL.

Your diet sounds great but sometimes our bowels need a bit of encouragement after a major disruption to get back in motion and ‘everything connected’…

Miralax was the last thing I needed. Fiber from food was the key. Have you tried adding ground flax to your yogurt or oatmeal daily? And drink plenty of water throughout the day. I also found when those two things didn’t work, I did take Metamucil daily. That was much more predictable and effective than miralax with no embarrassing surprises and you don’t get dependent on it once things get back into rhythm.

The BEST advice came from one of my awesome chemo nurses who showed me a trick for stimulating the natural movement of the intestines. I’m posting a YouTube link here so that you can see the basic exercises. But then!! At the end of the video is the key to getting the peristaltic movement of intestines back in sync again! Have you tried any of these methods?
Here’s to moving right along… Lori. 😉

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@loribmt. Thanks for the exercises link for combating constipation. It loads up as lots of videos in related subjects. Which video in particular are you referring to as most helpful?

@ltk A correction on the video link. @clutch was kind enough to bring it to my attention! Hope this works for you. Lori. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp-bXOTuQck