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Kidney stones: Is surgery necessary?

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@colleenyoung , You asked if I have Kidney stones, answer is not sure. That is why the video was helpful. I think I had one in January, saw primary provider, and like Dr in video advised, no additional testing if only one occurance. I had a 24 hr urine collection last week as part of yearly recheck post gastric bypass (5+ years ago). Will review results next week in endocrinology and plan on asking if anything in that test shows at risk for kidney stones.

Laurie Miller

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@roch, @colleenyoung, Good evening. I also want to thank you Laurie for sharing the video. I just spent a few days in the hospital while the clinicians searched for another kidney stone for me. This one was on the scan but we never trapped it.

I too am now working with urology, endocrinology and will be adding a dietician to review what might be causing the stones. The Oxalate family of foods is a possible culprit. Just went for more testing last week. I don't think anyone gave me such a cohesive explanation of the process for discovering the cause of the stones as this Mayo physician.

So far, it may be an osteoporosis medication that is helping build bone. I am moving to another type of medication just in case.

Please continue to share your information.

May you be safe and protected from both inner and outer harm.