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It's actually my mom. 10 years ago, she had a carotid artery cleared that was 98% blocked. She has been on warfarin since Last month, she was in the VA hospital for 2 weeks. She had heart attack symptoms like she did the previous month and I insisted on them being more thorough since they previously released her, dismissing it as a reaction to the covid vaccinations. They ended up doing 2 angiograms and putting in stents. A few days later, she had a stroke, The doctor said she had the blockage all over and the plaque was hard like calcium.
Her general practitioner keeps insisting on her to reschedule her osteoporosis infusion. Then I found out she is taking calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K for quite awhile besides getting a shot every six months for the osteoporosis, I am a cancer survivor and I've done the infusion. I was laid up in bed for 5 days with flu like symptoms and so I made her cancel her appt. being so close after her hospital stay. That was the last thing she needed after her stay considering her entire groin area was badly bruised.
With all that hard calcified plaque I don't want her to make it worse with the infusion or supplements, Plus, she has afib, diabetes, arthritis, etc….and has a laundry list of meds to take every day. Am I wrong to say that the combination of calcium, vitamins d and k and osteoporosis shots and doing the infusion aren't exactly helping her with her cardiovascular problems?
Thanks, shellydalton63

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Do not rely on primary care for this. Have her see an endocrinologist that specializes in osteoporosis.

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