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Nasal congestion with hiatal hernia?

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Hi @collage ,
I do have all the same issues, plus a few more. Mine is more post nasal drip than congestion. My hiatal hernia is small but it still causes me problems and GERD. I have a lot of nausea & some stomach pain and a VERY limited diet because of it. The GERD contributed to (or caused, they don't know) my lung nodules which are bronchiectasis. I also have an NTM (nontuberculosis mycobacterial) infection in my lungs because of the bronchiectasis. It sounds like you are doing all the right things to control it before you scope. Has anyone told you what your lung nodules are? Good luck with your tests!

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Thanks for your response; I am scheduled for my third CT scan in reference to the lung nodules, which remain a mystery. One of them has grown a bit, so the Doc is watching it closely with continued scans. I am reading The Acid Watcher Diet, which has some good information. I now have also eliminated vinegar, and lemon and attempting the healing part of the protocol. I decided to start taking the omeprazole for 14 days to see if that is helpful. My guess is that the lung nodules are bacterial inflammation related to all the other digestive stuff going on.........everything is connected, INMHO.

How do you get diagnosed with the lung nodules. They just keep giving me CT scans. I believe mine are infectious from the large HH issues. Do they prescribe antibiotics for the infection? Thanks.

What kind of treatment do they use for your bronchiectasis nodules and NTM? I have nodules, but they just keep watching them, but seem to think they are infection. I would like a diagnosis. Thanks.