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sadiegrace (@sadiegrace)

Pancreatic cancer recurrence: Anyone else?

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You are in our prayers.
Husband is six years out from stage four pancreatic cancer. No Whipple or surgery. Questions are:
Can your reoccurrence be treated by ablation?
Have you been regularly checked by your levels of biomarkers? And periodic CT scans?
And have you been careful with your lifestyle changes? Plant based diet, no processed sugar, and regular exercise and stress reduction with meditation or prayer ?
Smoothies made with all natural ingredients, a recipe given by integrative Dr at Mayo was extremely helpful than the horrible nutrient drink ENSURE.
An appointment with your palliative Dr would possibly be very helpful. He may become your best friend in choosing meds that may improve your appetite and your possible pain. Even alternative methods.
Also visiting your favorite dietician would be invaluable in improving your weight loss and helping with your choice of foods or how they may be appealing or appetizing.
Pancreatic cancer is such a frightening disease. The more you enlist people to become your A-team to help you, in your journey, they will prove to empower you to do your best to beat this disease. Especially in times when you have fallen down. You are not alone.
I hope this is helpful.

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Could you share recipe for smooth. My husband is getting tired of ensure.

Such great tips @dotmoto. You and @wrolsen give hope.

@sadiegrace, I'll be thinking of you as you prepare for your appointment tomorrow and hope you'll share what you learn so we can journey with you.

Hi great post! can you share your recipe for natural smoothie? Greatly appreciated if you can, leigh