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What to wear after shoulder replacement

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CatTanzer (love the name cat dancer), what are you most worried about with the meds for breakthrough pain? Are you worried about the pain? Or that the meds won't work? Or how to take them effectively? Other?

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@cattanzer Good evening. I don't see your worries listed in response to the request from @colleenyoung. I thought that I could share some of my experiences and memories of a reverse shoulder replacement.

First……when I was taken to the surgery arena, my surgeon took the time to introduce everyone in the room and explained their role. It was almost like a party and I was the special guest. They did not talk around me but included me. That, in itself, was comforting.

Later that evening, both my surgeon and anesthesiologist came to my room. They wanted to make sure I wasn't having any problems. Ambien was on the med list and I told them I couldn't handle it. My surgeon decided to try Dilaudid which worked very well. It is an older and very strong pain med. The anesthesiologist was happy I had no allergic reactions that he had to manage.

And another
surprise. My surgeon had brought some of my favorite wine and left it for me to enjoy with a meal.

My recovery continued to be pretty comfortable. I was home in three days and out to dinner in five days. My PT was very supportive and had me riding the stationary bike to get back in shape.

I had a home check nurse who came by to take a look at my progress and change bandaging every day for a week. That worked well. My main issue was that I couldn't drive until the immobilizer was removed.

I had my puppy Roxie and plenty of visitors. May you be safe and protected from inner and outer harm.


I am scared of everything. Mostly because of pain and such strong drugs and living alone. I am scared of the unknown.