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Ca 27.29 consistently high...in the 40’s

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Im new to this test. I had my first test after Double Mastectomy (Oct 2020), last January and its 26. Today, my seconf CA 27-29 returned with 36. Should I be afraid with the 10-point jump. 😱

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Hi Thessf14, and welcome. Variations in tumor markers test like the CA 27-29 can be disconcerting and stressful. As @cindylb aptly said in an earlier message in this thread "Tumor marker tests are one tool doctors have to monitor but they can have great change and variables." And @mom23boys said "people's numbers bounce around and no two people seem to have the same starting point or "normal"."

Tumor markers are a simple non-invasive test that can give a signal for further investigation – the proverbial canary in the coal mine. Sometimes the fluctuations may indicate a progression of disease and sometimes not.

I'm sorry that you got this reading on a Friday going into the weekend, especially when it may mean nothing. Were you able to talk to your oncologist today or to leave a message on your patient portal? What type and stage of breast cancer do you have?

@thessf14 Hi – I would like to add to Colleen’s words of advice and some earlier comments. These tumor markers are important indicators but only one tool out of many that your doctors use. I very carefully track all my numbers – CMP, CBC, CA 27.29, and the occasional other markers. Tracking all numbers allows you to establish what your baseline should be or what your ‘normal’ is. Ups and downs on all numbers are to be expected due to life style, poor blood draw, meds, surgery or lab funkiness. This allows you and your doctor to recognize an “off result” that can return to what your norm might be. I personally think my tracking also always me to take some degree of control over my cancer care. Btw – I am a September 2019 double mastectomy stage 4 – we thought I would begin chemo & radiation after surgery but a routine visit dermatologist for Lyme disease treatment resulted in finding of breast cancer to my skin. Took care of Lyme and We pivoted quickly to Verzenio and Armidex meds. I do blood draws every 4-6 weeks – it seems like yours were a year apart? So maybe time to up the frequency to see your pattern. Good luck! Ps I go to Quest and created an account which allows me to get my results back about the same time as my doctor. And I always make sure that my follow-up doc appointments allow for a week of blood processing.