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Positive ANA: What might be the cause?

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Thank you for your reply. That’s one of the problems: multiple specialists. Mercury causes a wide range of symptoms and is not in Mainstream Medicine, where it belongs.
There are emergent protocols for Mercury poisoning but not for chronic exposure. Detoxification is limited to emergent and holistic medicine and absent is a toxicity level-to-symptom correlation.
The ADA and FDA are “in bed together” as corruption terms go, which deprives patients who suffer Mercury’s toxic effects of remedy. Look to Switzerland for an example.
The time is NOW to raise the temperature (pun intended)..!

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I’m just beginning to be immersed in the world of specialists. It certainly does nothing to help my mental disposition as I feel like I’m being passed around because no one cares. And, instead of a whole body approach, I just get more drugs to take for symptoms.

I’ve been a waste management specialist for 30+years. We spend millions of taxpayer dollars to dispose of highly toxic chemicals that people use in their homes and accumulate in our bodies. Plus, polystyrene and microplastics that all of us have in our bodies. And, of course mercury, as in your case, lead, etc.

Pharmaceuticals are manufactured overseas because the industry is too toxic to manufacture the drugs that our medical industry prescribes. Yes, many are life saving, including the anti rejection meds I take. But, many are overprescribed or unused and end up in trash or sewers.

Corporations have been poisoning us for years and it’s ignored by EPA, FDA, and, sadly many in the medical profession. Everything is connected and it’s having a deleterious impact on our planet, people, and animals. And, unfortunately too many people don’t care.

I truly wish you the best in your search for an answer and solution for improved health!