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Mental health intervention by family

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Hi @henry123 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It can be a complex decision to help a family member, especially your son, with mental health issues. By recognizing the signs of mental health problems and connecting him to professional help, you may just be saving his life or the life of someone else. When talking to your friends and family about his problems and behaviors, have they mentioned having an opportunity to provide information, support, or guidance for him?
It is important to remain understanding and compassionate during this time so he doesn't think that you are one of the people "out to get him".

There are several resources I can give you that will help you to not only start a conversation, but to also seek professional guidance on aiding your son to seek medical care.

National Alliance of Medical Illness Hotline: https://www.nami.org/help This can help you establish a point of contact for more information.

Training for you and the family on how to handle mental health scenarios: https://www.thenationalcouncil.org/center-for-consulting-training/consulting-training-services/

How do you ask someone about their mental health?
Aim for supportive and non-judgmental questions. How are you feeling?
Listen. Really listen to what your son has to say.
What If He Doesn't Want to Talk? or says everything's fine when you're pretty sure it's not?
Now What?
Don't Go it Alone.
Henry, has your son ever been on any type of medication for mood, depression, anxiety or any other mental health related issue?

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Thank you for the information which I will share with my family. We are trying to stick together and support our son with loving understanding while trying to have him visit a doctor to have his headaches checked out. We hope to contact the Doctor before visit to share our concerns. Should he not have a physical cause for his issues we hope that the Doctor can connect him with an advisor for therapy and or medication to help him.