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Catching after Knee Replacement

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Hi @jvalart21, Normally I would try and pair you with a group of members that are discussing knee replacements so that you could connect with them and learn from their shared experience, however, I think this occurs more often than we know and I would like to keep it as an individual post so people have a chance to answer.
I have a friend that experienced what you are going through and is still having difficulty finding an answer.
I have done some research on the subject and one diagnosis that I found described her problem almost completely. Patellar Clunk Syndrome.

Here is an article on a study they did – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3715621/#:~:text=Background,superior%20pole%20of%20the%20patella.

Have you asked your physician about an arthroscopy to check for rubbing and catching?
This article gives possible different scenarios – https://orthosports.com.au/knee/knee-pain-after-total-knee-replacement/

Perhaps you can tell us a little more about your situation? When did the catching begin?

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Thank you, I go Friday to have fluid draining and tested. I have a great doctor and he’s really trying to find the answer. In the meantime it’s frustrating.

I had fluid drained from my knee which had blood in it, what does that mean?