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Hi, i am Elisabeth from Long Island. I am new to this conversation. I will have my 3rd Evenity injection on Tuesday. It left my arms quite sore as well. After 2 days I was fine. I am 59 and was concerned about the risks and so I spoke to my cardiologist before starting.

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Good afternoon @elisabethv, welcome to Connect. We are a group of patients and caregivers who share their experiences and provide members with links to current information about health issues. I think Elizabeth from Long Island, that you are one of our first members on Evenity as it is a new treatment for osteoporosis.

May I ask you to tell us how and why you chose Evenity. It is a new product and the first one with the ability to help produce new bone and then maintain it.

How often do you have an injection? Were you using another kind of bone builder before Evenity? Would it be possible for you to share your DEXA scan results? Did that information help you determine that it was time to pay attention to your bone health? How long will you be receiving injections?

There are some reported side effects that may interfere with the cardiovascular system? Is that why you spoke with your cardiologist? What did he/she say about your choice of Evenity?

I am excited to know more about you. You are so much younger than I am at 79. I think I got a late start.

May you be safe and protected from inner and outer harm.

So I was told to massauge the spot where you received ur needle right afterwards. It works