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Hi Christy, and welcome. I know it is very frightening at this pre-diagnosis stage when so much is still unknown. I think you can take comfort that your gyn is being thorough and making referrals for further investigation. I'm bringing in fellow ovarian cancer members like @starko @miriam57 @odette @pauldale4 @stparker54 @rochellewisner to share their experiences and to be there with you as you journey through the next steps.

As for doctor recommendations, my thoughts are to go to a cancer center of excellence where you will receive care from a whole team. Cancer (if it is cancer) is rarely treated by one specialty. You want to go somewhere where teams work well together. Naturally, I recommend Mayo Clinic, but am well aware there are several premiere cancer centers in the country. Do you live in the US? Do you live near a major cancer center?

Your GYN has likely referred you to a surgical oncologist for further testing first, not treatment. Testing may involve more imaging, but since you're being referred to a surgical oncologist, the next step may be a biopsy. You should be able ask what procedures you are being booked for. Do you already have an appointment with the surgical oncologist?

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This helps tremendously. I wish I could go to the Mayo Clinic but I don't have the kind of insurance that would allow me to do so. I live in Atlanta with a lot of great hospitals and doctors. I believe the doctor they referred me to is a good one but probably not the best. And yes, he is a surgical oncologist. I have gotten a lot of references from friends and from friend's doctors which has been great but their advice is to first go to the one who I have been referred to first and if I am unhappy then to go after another top doc.

They haven't told me what procedures I am booked for on this first visit. So far I've had an ultrasound and the ROMA blood test. I thought they couldn't do a biopsy on a cervical mass as it may cause it to spread?

I appreciate all your help. It's the waiting and not knowing that is driving me mad.