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Kidney function and medications

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@devonsnana Thank you so much for your words and message. I bet more than just myself have heard the encouragement you wrote into your words. Like you, I choose quality rather than quantity. My oncologist says no problem to do my multiple myeloma treatments through dialysis.

I use CBD capsules to help with pain control, and in the topical arsenal is is both CBD cream and arnica montana cream. A cuppa warm tea helps me relax each night, and the intention set in my mind then is to have a restful rest. Most nights I am in the recliner rather than a bed; our cat loves it!

Please, let's stay in touch! Knowing there is someone on a similar journey gives us more strength!

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I would love to keep in touch.
For those struggling let me just say, I came to terms of all the chronic illnesses by just accepting the fact that our lord would not give me more than I could handle and that we are the chosen ones. Those to have the diseases so physicians and scientists can do their research and learn how to handle these diseases are chosen because we have the inner strength to handle all the obstacles we must face daily to survive.