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I have but 10 mg Prozac and it was a miracle. All the Effexor he’ll was gone immediately. It’s a widely used process as the half life of prozac is 5 days where Effexor is hours. It is so much gentler and easier and going off Prozac especially using it as a bridge is nothing especially to the Effexor withdrawals.

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How much Effexor were you taking with the Prozac 10mg. What was your schedule?

Hi there, I’m just wondering how you do this as I’m being told to wean off but having hell, psychs just say cut fast, deal with withdrawals but the Prozac bridge seems best, I just do not know how to do it, ptsd. I can’t handle the Effexor it did nothing for me, just bad side effects trying to come off. Thanks so much. You can private message me if you like too, thanks again. I have a doc willing to prescribe but doesn’t know how exactly, liquid Prozac given but no instructions just take 5mg and wean Effexor but no info how, I’m on 112.5 at moment of Effexor xr, bead counting even too hard

Hi Stacey, can you tell me the process please? I am desperate to get off Effexor after several unsuccessful attempts which included counting the beads. I am currently taking 75mg ER capsules. I would be so grateful for your advice.
Kind regards, Anita

How long had you been off Effexor when you started Prozac? I am 3 months into withdrawal (0mg) and want Prozac asap. I can't deal with the darkness in my head - mega anxiety and fear. Please let me know. I need some hope.